Curriculum vitae

Personal information:
Name: Alvaro Fernandez Fueyo
Phone: +34675207914


2008. Intermediate English Course
Institute of Employment. Balearics Island. Spain

2006-2007 Master of Art in Image Synthesis and Computer Animation (MAISCA)
University of the Balearic Islands, UIB

2007. Course of Development of Creativity
Confederation of Business Associations of Baleares, CAEB

1997-2000 Higher Diploma in Fine Arts and Graphic Design specializing in illustration
EAO – Oviedo (Spain). Cycle End Project: Implementation 10/10

1999-2000. Course of Advanced Computer Graphics – animation techniques, audio post production and editing. Official course of KINETIX 3D studio MAX. Oviedo. Spain

1997-1998. Advanced Graphic Design course
Oviedo. Spain

1998-1999. Infographics Course – advanced modeling techniques
Official course of KINETIX 3D studio MAX. Oviedo. Spain

1996. Course of initiation of computer aided graphic design MAC
Madrid. Spain.

1990-1995. Course in Painting Workshop.
Asturias. Spain.

Professional Experience

2010-2011. Technical Artist 3D at Zinkia Entertainment.
Madrid, Animated Series “Pocoyo”

2008-2010. Character Animator and Generalist at 3D videographics
Balearic Islands. Animated Series “Enermanos” Produced for TV1 and
Animated Series Rupert & Sam Produced for TV3 Catalonia and IB3 Balearic Islands.

2005 – Graphic Designer and Generalist at Trisquelmedia
Aviles. Spain.

2004-2005 – Graphic Designer Manager
Mieres` County Council, (Spain)

2002. Conducting a Business Project. Tridimension
Character Animator and Generalist. Technological City Valnalón, (Spain)

2002. – Graphic Designer at Covenet S.L.
Technological City Valnalón, (Spain)

2002-2003. Graphic Designer in Cardboard VIR
Head of the Department of Design. Oviedo, (Spain)

2000-2002. – Character Animator and Generalist at AQF Digital Image.
Stereoscopic films At AQF Broadcast Production Digital Image Infographics S.L. Oviedo, Spain

1999. Illustrator / Graphic Designer.
Internship Company Web Design and Creative Graphic Ricardo Cano & Associates. Oviedo. Spain

1996-1997. Spanish Red Cross Volunteer
Other data of interest

2009. Short Film “Pocacola” New Filmmakers Award of Asturias,
Framed in 47TH international Film Fest of Gijon, (Spain).

Interests: 3D Animation, Computer Graphics, Design, Digital Art, Photography, Drawing, Painting, Music, Sports, Nature and respect the environment.